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LifeStraw Follow the Liters campaign changes the lives of one million children

LifeStraw's one millionth child living in a developing nation has received access to safe, clean drinking water, bringing the number of schools in Kenya and India with LifeStraw water purifiers to more than a thousand.

LifeStraw first designed their innovative “straw-like” water filter for people living in developing countries with no access to safe, piped-in water; and for emergency settings following natural disasters. This has now developed into high volume, community purifiers.

On Friday 2nd March, in Emuhaya Sub County, Kenya, children at the Waluka Primary School received their water purifier, bringing the total number of school children who have benefited from this project up to one million.

Since 2014, North American and European consumers who purchase LifeStraw filters and water bottles for their outdoor adventures have been helping to fund these larger scale water purifiers for vulnerable communities in Kenya and India.

LifeStraw's Follow the Liters campaign follows a simple formula. For every LifeStraw sold commercially, Vestergaard provides safe, clean water for one school child for a whole school year. Their workers and volunteers also provide health education to children and teachers and undertake regular monitoring and maintenance visits.

According to the World Health Organization, two billion people use a contaminated drinking water source on a regular basis, estimated to cause half a million diarrhoeal deaths each year.

Alison Hill, Managing Director of LifeStraw, says: “LifeStraw's mission is to become the global safe water leader. It's thanks to our customers in America and Europe that we're able to do this. Addressing the issue of contaminated water one child at a time using this self-sustaining program makes us incredibly proud to be part of something so life changing.

“The whole LifeStraw team is committed to technology innovation in this arena. In doing so, our work is driving sustainable access to safe drinking water by engaging governments, donors, and individual consumers to understand the problem and become an active part of the solution.”

LifeStraw's newest product, the Universal, is a water bottle adapter that allows most standard and wide mouth water bottles to be turned into water filters. LifeStraw's innovative filtration system removes bacteria and parasites and reduces chlorine, leaving safe, clean drinking water with an improved taste. This latest addition to LifeStraw's catalogue of filtration devices also contributes to the campaign against single use plastic. Enabling adventurers, campers, walkers and outdoor travelers to collect water from rivers, stream and lakes worry free using bottles they already own.

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Kenyan child pouring clean drinking water from a water filter
Kenyan child showing how water filter has cleaned drinking water