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The Clearwater CNX from KEEN is a lightweight, all-purpose sandal suitable for all kinds of activities – whether hiking, mountain biking, kayaking or pavement pounding. We’ve been putting a pair through its paces in the varied landscape of the UK’s beautiful Peak District.

KEEN is well-known for producing high-quality, robust and comfortable footwear, and the Clearwater CNX is no exception. It’s so comfortable that you almost forget you’re wearing it – it’s about as close as possible to being barefoot, without actually removing your shoes. This is partly thanks to the flexibility of the sole which is able to adapt to pretty much whatever terrain you choose to tackle.

The fully adjustable bungee lace fastening system ensures a perfect fit, and the sandals are cool and breathable – ideal for wearing in hot climates.  

Some sandals sacrifice support for comfort, but this isn’t the case with the Clearwater CNX. The contoured arch and sturdy webbing upper offer excellent support, and the soles have great grip – so you can stride out with confidence. The toe shield surrounds the toes to protect and prevent stubbing – essential on stony mountain paths or when scrambling over rocks, and something I really appreciated when negotiating rocky edges in the Peaks.

Clearwater CNX sandals are washable, waterproof and quick drying. Comfort isn’t compromised even when wet, making these ideal for kayaking or stream scrambling. I walked three miles after getting my feet soaked – the sandals were dry within 10 minutes, and didn’t chafe or rub, making the hour’s hike back to the car a pleasure. Highly recommended.

Tested during: hiking, cycling, Nordic walking, stream scrambling.

Would also be great for: kayaking, stand up paddling, sightseeing, beachcombing.

KEEN Clearwater CNX sandals are available in a range of eight different colours and cost £74.99.

KEEN Clearwater CNX