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Adventures archive 2018

Room with a view   October 2018   Liz Lowe visits a cliffside hideaway in Italy with spectacular views

Living stones   October 2018   A visit to a remarkable UNESCO World Heritage site in the far north of Norway

Christmas at Haddon Hall   October 2018   A fairy-tale world awaits at this stunning medieval house, decorated for Christmas

Icelandic horses   October 2018   These enigmatic animals are  seen across Iceland. Find out what makes them so special

Alta Canyon   September 2018   Penny Bunting takes a memorable hike to a spectacular geological feature.

Sacred Nature   September 2018   Sanctuaries in the wilderness  can inspire, soothe and restore. By Adrian Cooper

Travel light   July 2018   Travelling light is better for the environment. We offer 7 tips to reduce luggage weight

Exploring Inari   July 2018   A tiny village beside Lapland's largest lake is an unmissable stop for nature lovers

The Straits of Gibraltar   July 2018  The remarkable wildlife of the waters around the Spanish town of Tarifa. By James Dyson

Viking World   July 2018   Go aboard a Viking longship and find out about Norse mythology at this museum in Iceland

Puffin island   April 2018   Penny Bunting visits the Farne Islands – one of the UK's best puffin-spotting sites.

What to do in Reykjavík   April 2018   Reykjavík is one of the smallest capital cities in the world – and one of the most appealing

A short walk to wild   April 2018   The Pyhä-Luosto National Park offers stunning scenery – and it's just a short stroll from town

Yoga at Brooklands Barn   April 2018   Liz Lowe experiences a Yoga, Pilates & Detox Retreat in West Sussex

Surviving climate change   March 2018   Which countries are most resilient to the impacts of climate change?

Snow in the UK   March 2018   Snowy scenes in National Trust locations across the UK as temperatures plummet

A tale of three cities: Helsinki   March 2018   Penny Bunting arrives in Helsinki after taking the boat from Stockholm to Turku

A vintage edge   February 2018   Visitors to the Peak District's Curbar Edge may notice an unusual vehicle in the car park

Hiking in Hetta   February 2018   Wonderful walks and fascinating history reward adventurous travellers in Lapland

Norfolk, naturally   February 2018   Nature, superb beaches, and a luxurious treehouse make Norfolk a tempting destination

A tale of three cities   January 2018   Penny Bunting takes the slow route between the capital cities of Stockholm and Helsinki

Birdwatching in Tarifa   January 2018   Every year millions of birds migrate across the Straits of Gibraltar. By James Dyson